Film Tribute To Ross Boyert


Protesters will gather outside the FBI’s US North West Headquarters at the Abraham Lincoln Building in Seattle this Thursday, March 3rd, as part of a series of international actions condemning 30 years of timber corruption under Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.  The 74 year old marks his 30th anniversary in power on March 26th and has made clear he plans to run for another term of office in the imminent state elections. Continue reading


‘Progressive’ Party Or Just Predatory Crocodiles? – Contracts For SPDP


Pillar of the Barisan coalition - William Mawan

The Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party have been lashing out at each other in recent months like a bunch of vicious crocodiles.

Five members have walked out and now they are fighting with the party leader, William Mawan, over who should contest which seat for BN at the coming Federal Election.

So, it is perhaps no surprise that one of the dissidents, Sylvester Entri, actually referred to himself as a “Crocodile bin Abdullah” after he was challenged on Radio Free Sarawak last year about his secret conversion to Islam – a fact that he had kept secret from his Dayak voters!

Thanks to tip offs from our readers, Sarawak Report can now lend some insight into what this fighting has really been all about.  And it turns out that the party’s “progressive” policies have a great more to do with developing the wealth of these squabbling YBs than improving the lives of the people or democracy in the State of Sarawak. Continue reading

Eight villages reject Baram Dam


Eight villages from the Baram district have protested against the proposal to build mega dams in the district, reports Mark Bujang.



In written and signed statement by the villagers, they want the dam project to be cancelled immediately. The letters were submitted to the Save Sarawak’s Rivers Network (SAVE Rivers) here in Miri, and SAVE Rivers has forwarded the letters to Thorstein Dale Sjotveit, CEO of Sarawak Energy Berhad, the owner of the proposed Baram Dam.

Copies of the letters were also sent to Prime Minister Najib Razak, Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, the Suhakam chairman, Baram MP Jacob Dungau Sagan, and Telang Usan State Assembly member Dennis Ngau. Copies of the letters and the signatures were also sent to consultants carrying studies for the dam construction i.e. MWH Global Headquarters in the United States and Entura Australia.

The protest letters were received from Long Lutin, Ba’ Pakan, Ba’ Abang, Long Kawi, Long Item, Long Lilim, Long Liam and Long Selawan.

There were more than 650 signatories for the eight letters from the eight long-houses. In the letters the villagers said that they do not want the dams to be built. They requested that the government find an alternative approach for development which will not deprive the people of their existing land and properties including their village houses, orchards, gardens, cash crops and land. Continue reading

Use of thugs, gangsters, hooligans a very dangerous trend — Tota

Umno Baru has a lengthy catalogue of lawless behaviour. It appears that the rule of law is a stranger to Umno Baru. When Justice Harun declared Umno illegal, the party died.

Maybe can cinsider this as their new logoThe new party is registered as Umno Baru; yet the party continues to call itself Umno! The party logo was supposed to be a new one; yet the old logo with some imperceptible cosmetic change continues to be used. The keris on its logo has given rise to detractors calling it a party of pirates! The keris has come in useful for Umno leaders to threaten the non-Malays. Umno leaders have brandished the keris and used implicit threats.

Concerned individuals and groups have alleged that Umno Baru has let loose its mobs and thugs all too frequently to disrupt, sometimes violently, legitimately organised meetings and forums by civil society groups and NGOs. The Apcet 11 forum at a hotel in KL was disrupted by an Umno Baru mob that threatened the participants and smashed tables and chairs to stop the proceedings. When the Suqiu organisation submitted its 17-point plan for the betterment of the country, an Umno Baru mob threatened them with “rivers of blood” outside the Chinese Assembly Hall, KL, if they did not withdraw their 17-point plan.

Umno Baru used similar tactics to stop the Article 11 Group from holding meetings and the Bar Council forum on the conversion of minors to Islam when one spouse in a non-Muslim marriage converts to Islam. Police inaction emboldened the Umno thugs even to prevent Karpal from entering Parliament House. An Umno Baru mob led by a screaming hooligan, Khairy, outside the US Embassy advertised to the whole world that Umno Baru is a party trapped in the Stone Age. Continue reading

Hijau backers ‘will make it’ with or without buses


Despite all 18 buses pulling out from ferrying Himpunan Hijau supporters to Kuala Lumpur, Himpunan Hijau president Wong Tack said they will not be deterred, and the steering committee is now urging Kuantan residents to carpool.

“That is a minor issue; people will make their way here no matter what. Kuantan is not too far,” he said at a press conference today.

Wong ( left ) had previously said eight tour buses have withdrawn from the Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur trip, and accused the Tourism Ministry of harassing the bus operators .

The ministry’s secretary-general Ong Hong Peng had denied the claim yesterday, saying that it has no jurisdiction to do so.

Today, Himpunan Hijau committee member Lee Chin Chen told Malaysiakini that another 10 private buses had pulled out last night, as they could not obtain a permit from the Land Public Transport Commission for the trip.

Left without any more buses, he said the committee had urged Kuantan residents to gather at Stadium Makmur in Kuantan and carpool to Kuala Lumpur at 11.30pm on Friday – on the eve of the rally.

“I urge people to join and not be deterred by this minor setback.

“I am disappointed with the government’s attempt to suppress the rally. Continue reading

Gov’t classifying stateless Indians as ‘foreigners’

The government is systematically depriving Indian Malaysians of their citizenship by categorising them as foreigners, PKR vice-president N Surendran claims.

Some 300,000 descendants of Indian Malaysians are either without blue identity cards (MyKad), birth certificates or both, Surendran told a press conference in Petaling Jaya today.

Bahang ‘Bersih3.0’ sudah terasa di Kuching.Sarawak


Kuching – Sebentar tadi Naib Ketua Wanita PKR Malaysia Pn Voon Shiak Ni dan Ketua Wanita PKR Sarawak Pn Nurhanim Hana Mokhsen bersama ahli-ahli parti telah mengedarkan risalah Bersih3.0 kepada orang ramai di sekitar Waterfront dan Jalan Satok, Kuching, Sarawak.

Pn Voon dan Pn Nurhanim mengetuai lebih kurang 20 orang ahli lengkap menggunakan t-shirt Bersih3.0 mengambil peluang untuk bersuai kenal dengan masyarakat di sekeliling sambil mendengar pandangan mereka.

Kehadiran mereka disambut baik oleh pengunjung-pengunjung yang membanjiri kawasan waterfront petang tadi. Ada yang menjerit memanggil mereka kerana mahukan risalah yang diedarkan. Kenderaan yang lalu lalang juga ada yang berhenti untuk bertanyakan tentang aturcara Bersih3.0 yang dijadualkan berlangsung di Waterfront pada 28 April 2012 pukul 2.00pm. Mereka menyatakan sokongan terhadap agenda Bersih3.0 dan berjanji untuk turun pada hari tersebut nanti.

Lengkap berpakaian Bersih3.0 bersama Pn Voon dn Pn Nurhanim

Sementara itu, pengedaran risalah di Satok juga diterima baik oleh masyarakat yang lalu lalang dan peniaga disekitarnya. Risalah telah diedarkan kepada orang ramai yang berada didalam restoran dan kedai-kedai berhampiran.

Sebanyak lebih kurang 1000 helai risalah telah berjaya diedarkan kepada orang ramai di kedua-dua lokasi.

Sila hadir beramai-ramai memakai baju Kuning pada 28 April 2012 jam 2.00pm di hadapan bangunan Mahkamah lama Waterfront Kuching.

Tiada tawaran penyelesaian daripada Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib

Tiada tanda-tanda tawaran penyelesaian diterima daripada Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, anak kepada Ketua Menteri Sarawak Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, kepada isteri yang beliau ceraikan walaupun tarikh akhir yang diberikan mahkamah telah tamat tempoh dua minggu lalu.

Adalah difahamkan bahawa peguam Mahmud Abu Bekir belum lagi mengemukakan cadangan penyelesaian yang dijangka berjuta-juta ringgit kepada Shahnaz A, Majid, kakak ratu jazz Sheila Majid.

Walaupun Mahmud Abu Bekir telah diberikan tempoh dua minggu dari 13 Mac lalu untuk mencadangkan penyelesaian. Ianya telah dilanjutkan lagi untuk tempoh dua minggu yang berakhir pada 13 April, berdasarkan kepada permohonan bertulis oleh peguam Abu Bekir

Peguam NONE Shahnaz, Rafie Mohd Shafie mengesahkan, ketika dihubungi oleh Malaysiakini, bahawa tidak ada menerima apa-apa tawaran setakat ini.

“Jika tiada perkembangan penyelesaian maka kami akan menghadapi perbicaraan dan kami bersedia untuk itu. Pihak sebelah memikirkan bahawa kami tidak tahu jumlah asetnya tetapi kami tahu,” katanya. Continue reading

API mohon Agong tak perkenan bubar parlimen

KUALA LUMPUR: Jawatankuasa Anti Pemalsuan IC (API) hari ini menunut agar Yang di-Pertuan Agong tidak memperkenan permohonan pembubaran Parlimen selagi penyiasatan berhubung isu task force pemberian IC tidak selesai.

“Kita menunut agar Tuanku tidak memperkenankan pembubaran parlimen sehingga Suruhanjaya Diraja selesai menjalankan siasatan dan mengambil tindakan yang perlu bagi membersihkan daftar pemilih daripada warga asing yang mendapat kerakyatan melalui pasukan khas ini,” kata pengerusinya Datuk Mahfuz Omar.