Dance with Baru Bian

LAND remains the crucial issue faced by Hulu Rajang folks consisting Iban, Orang Ulu and other indigenous groups live in this region for centuries.
Hundreds of thousands hectares of NCR lands in this largest parliamentary constituency in Malaysia were ‘grabbed’ by the Taib-led government for his cronies. Most of the landowners were kept in the dark.
Also, some 10,000 Sungai Asap settlers whose old houses were flooded by the Bakun dam are still waiting for their outstanding compensation after 13 years. And this does not include compensation for all their flooded NCR lands in Bakun.
Like many other landowners in Sarawak who took the state government to court, the main problem lies with BN’s land policy that does not respect NCR land.
During a visit led by PKR potential candidate for Hulu Rajang Abun Sui Anyit to Belaga and Sungai Asap end of July, PKR state chairman Baru Bian explained the land issue in Sarawak. The famous land right lawyer who had successful defended more than 10 legal cases also offers a solution. Tell the world about it!


2 comments on “Dance with Baru Bian

  1. We, Jawatankuasa Bertindak Tanah NCR Melayu Marudi, Baram is also facing the same problem where thousands of hectars of our NCR land inherited since 1925 is now being issued PL licence to various oil palm companies. Please help us.

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