‘Sack Wong, sack all of us’


Sibu SUPP has warned its party’s Central Working Committee against crucifying sole Chinese minister Wong Soon Koh and pulling out of BN.

KUCHING : Sarawak United Peoples Party (SUPP) in Sibu is fully behind its former deputy secretary general Wong Soon Koh and has dared the party’s Central Working Committee (CWC) to sack him.

It has also urged its ‘federal-influenced’ party president Peter Chin to be realistic in thinking of the future of the Sarawak-based party and reject a proposed move to pull it of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

Throwing their support behind Wong, who is a Senior Minister in the Sarawak administration, all 15 sub-branches of SUPP Sibu said they were prepared to deal with repercussions.

Said Andrew Shilling the chairman of the Bumiputra sub-branch: ” If you (Central Committee) sack one, you are sacking all of us. One for all and all for one. You sack one, you sack us all.”

In a five point statement, issued yesterday, they expressed their disappointment at the party for ‘attacking’ its own members, considering the approaching general election.

“Our mission now is to gear for the election, not dwell on internal attack against our own people.

“But, what the central committee is doing now is to put their mission behind them so as to go all out to axe its members.

“The matter is disappointing and also demoralising the members,” said the statement issued on behalf of the 15 sub-branches; namely Sungei Merah, Sungei Empawah, Paradom, Naman, Teku, Sungei Sadit Service Centre, Seduan Service Centre, Engkilo Service Centre, Sibu Town Service Centre, Rejang Park Service Centre, Queensway Service Centre, Lanang Service Centre, Stabau Service Centre, Tiong Hua Road Service Centre and Sibu Jaya Service Centre.

Sole Chinese rep

The Sibu members also noted that it was inappropriate of the CWC to take any decision as the Registrar of Society was still investigating the party for alleged irregularities in their election last year.

“The outcome of the investigation is not known yet. Therefore, any decision, proposal or motion passed now should not be accepted nor be executed,” it said adding that the party should stop attempting “to get rid of him (Wong)”

Wong is currently the only Chinese Minister in Taib’s state cabinet.

The statement said the CWC should also reject calls to leave state Barisan Nasional.

“We believe this is the idea of a small fraction of people for the purpose of taking revenge. Is it possible to work that way, with the party in the ruling BN at the federal level and an opposition at the state level?” read the statement.

The statement comes days before the CWC is to meet to decide on two key issues- disciplinary action against Wong and whether or not SUPP should pull itself out of the Barisan Nasional coalition.

The proposal to withdraw from BN stemmed from party members who felt that SUPP was not respected as a component party in the state BN.

“The CC members who moved the motion questioned the sincerity of state BN leadership towards SUPP.

“They said that there were instances where the party was being sidelined in some recent decisions and there were quite a lot of decisions made by the state BN top leadership which were unfair to the party,” said a source quoted by local daily Borneo Post.

Meanwhile the five-member CWC is to convene on Saturday to discuss this issue.


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