Ali Rustam: Son’s wedding feast ‘only’ RM600k


Chief minister grateful to have guests from within and outside Malacca

by Ikram Ismail via The Malay Mail

ONE FOR THE BOOKS: The wedding of Mohd Ridhwan and Nur Azieha had more than 100,000 guests — BERNAMApic

MALACCA Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam refutes claim his eldest son’s wedding reception with a record-breaking turnout of 130,000 guests cost a whopping RM1.3 million to RM13 million on food alone.

In an SMS reply to The Malay Mail yesterday, the Umno vice president said DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang, who made the claim, had “probably never had a chance to attend to any Malay wedding with kampung-style cooking.

“He might have attended a dinner serving shark’s fin soup at RM100 per head, that’s why he could not understand.”

He said he had hired 30 chefs who could whip up the wedding reception’s nasi beriani campur dishes for 2,000 guests each, making it a feast for 60,000 people, at RM10 per head, and each serving could feed three people.

This would total up to RM600,000 for a wedding feast that could be served to up to 180,000 guests.

Mohd Ali said he was grateful people from within and outside Malacca had also attended, pointing out some only turned up to share the nuptials joy at Dewan Tun Ali in Bukit Katil.

“Not everyone who attended had eaten or liked our kampung-style nasi beriani campur as some preferred buffet-style.”

On a lighter note, Mohd Ali said he was proud of the Malaysia Book of Records certifying the wedding reception as one with the biggest turnout, quipping: “If I get married, maybe more people will attend my wedding.”

When asked whether sponsors were involved, Mohd Ali said companies like Mamee Sdn Bhd and Orang Kampung Drinks Sdn Bhd had advertised their products in the wedding souvenir book.

“As advertisers, they have to pay the advertisement cost by giving away products, such as 50,000 cans of Kacip Fatimah drinks.”

The wedding saw a host of dignitaries, including the Sultan of Selangor, several cabinet ministers and a number of other VIPs, attending. Artiste Siti Nurhaliza performed to the guests.

Malaysia Book of Records certified the wedding feast as the biggest ever recorded at nuptials, surpassing Prime Minister

Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak’s Aidilfitri open house this year, which reportedly attracted 100,000 people.

The eight-hour reception saw Mohd Ali’s eldest son, Mohd Ridhwan, 26, tying the knot with Nur Azieha Mohd Ali, 26, who reportedly met 10 years ago at a tuition class.


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