Surprise! Surprise! SDNU openly champions Native Customary Rights and Lands!

SDNU openly champions Native Customary Rights and Lands!

Surprise! Surprise!

It has taken the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) a week and a half to react to the Global Witness video. SDNU’s Vice President Anthony Banyan, in a statement published in the Borneo Post last February, was quite clear that “SDNU has no political affiliation and this is how it should always remain,” and I applaud him for his neutrality (see And today, Banyan has kept his word by coming out strongly against the allegations made in the Global Witness video (see

Based on the report published today, SDNU issued its statement following the SDNU supreme council meeting on Wednesday, which we presume must have been chaired by its President William Mawan, whose other hat is, of course, President of the Sarawak People’s Democratic Party (SPDP), a Sarawak based party in the BN ruling coalition with a Dayak majority membership. However, the eye-brow raising statement was released and signed by its Vice-President, Anthony Banyan, and not by William Mawan. Which is intriguing, to say the least.

Why do I say intriguing? Well, SDNU did not mince its words. In fact, SDNU used very strong words, and the underlying message behind those words is even stronger. Just to quote several sentences from the SDNU statement:

“Whether the remark was designed to put a wedge between the Dayak community, particularly the Iban and the ruling government or uttered naturally by the subjects in the video, we still view such remark as demeaning and deplorable.”

Thank you SDNU for standing up for the Dayak community and calling a spade a spade. The remarks in the video were indeed demeaning, deplorable, disgusting, humiliating and most shockingly, uttered nonchalantly by subjects related very closely by blood to the Chief Minister. It must have taken SDNU a lot of courage to actually tell the Chief Minister off, in a roundabout sort of way, that it.

However, the real meat of the statement came blazing through loud and clear:

“We also condemn the remark suggesting that the Dayaks are squatters on state land as it is baseless.”

SDNU was being polite in using the word ‘suggesting’. Datin Norlia Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub did not ‘suggest’ that Dayaks are squatters. She said it outright. But let’s not quibble. The point is that SDNU has publicly declared that Dayaks living on state land are not squatters, and this in itself is a milestone and one that should be applauded by all sensible Dayaks. To put it in a nutshell, SDNU condemns anyone who is saying that Dayaks who live on so-called ‘state lands’ have no Native Customary Rights, and are therefore, in effect, agreeing with what Pakatan Rakyat has been saying all along.

At first reading of the statement, I was quite taken aback. I had to re-read the sentence, to be sure that this was the underlying message that SDNU was sending out. And sure enough, there it was, in black and white.

The next paragraph removed all doubts I had. No underlying theme, but an outright clarion call:

“We call upon all quarters to stand up for the Dayak community and recognise our rights over land as well as be sensitive towards the feelings of the Dayaks.”

Nothing can be clearer than what SDNU had just written; “recognise our rights over land.” This is an overt and direct statement relating to Native Customary Rights and Native Customary Lands, and follows the precedent set by the celebrated Mabo vs. Queensland Judgment and its implications worldwide where English Common Law overrides Constitutional Law in legal systems that are based on the English legal system. The precedent created by the Mabo Case was applied successfully by Baru Bian in the landmark Malaysian case of Nor Anak Nyawai vs. BPP & Ors, which went to the highest Malaysian court, the Federal Court, TWICE. And both times Baru Bian won. Dayaks HAVE rights over ‘state lands’. Yet, the Sarawak Government refuses to accept the Court’s decision and continues its policy of alienating ancient Dayak lands.

Based on these very clear words, we can surmise and come to only one conclusion: that SDNU’s Supreme Council, made up of several BN senior politicians, has issued a statement that unequivocally says that it now agrees with Pakatan Rakyat’s policy on indigenous lands. Now this is why I say it is intriguing because this is definitely news! Big news! SDNU, despite being led by top Barisan Nasional Dayak leaders, are going against the grain and in no small way!

YBs William Mawan and his deputy in SDNU, Alex Nanta Linggi, may not have signed the statement but getting their subordinate Vice-President Anthony Banyan to sign the statement is telling. What is William Mawan, boss of SPDP and Alex Linggi, senior member of PBB, exactly saying with the issuance of this very bold statement via SDNU? Are they striking out at Taib through the backdoor? Is this a veiled condemnation of Taib’s policies on NCR lands?

Most shocking of all, the Women’s Wing of SDNU, which is headed by Empiang Jabu, the wife of the Deputy Chief Minister, also gave its fullest backing to the statement. Stunning! Is Jabu now tacitly telling his ‘beloved Pehin Sri’ that he too is upset by the slur on the Dayaks and that he has finally had an epiphany on the eve of Easter? Are our Dayak ‘leaders’ finally staging a silent protest against Taib and family?

The plot gets thicker and I am literally at the edge of my seat with excitement! The political landscape is shifting, and it seems clear now why our Dayak leaders did not come to Taib’s aid and rescue when the debacle exploded last two weeks ago.

The Game of Thrones is afoot in Sarawak and the first very public crack in the polished façade of BN Sarawak’s frail unity is now vividly clear, thanks to SDNU’s unmistakably refreshing and about-turn statement. And by any account, this is a big crack which Taib cannot ignore and hope will go away. SDNU has spoken loud and clear. Are the daggers finally drawn? We wait with bated breath for the next public reaction from either Taib or Mawan or for that matter, from the self-proclaimed Paramount Chief of the Dayaks, Jabu himself. Mutiny is always fun to watch from a distance.

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Papagomo yang lupa daratan – Tun Faizal

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ada beberapa blogger yang saya kenali sebagai penipu. Salah seorang daripadanya adalah Papagomo. Cuma sebelum ini saya fikir penipuannya bertempat, namun nampaknya penipuannya memang melampaui batas.

Dulu Papagomo tidak ego dan bongkak seperti hari ini. Ada yang bercerita, kabarnya dulu Papagomo adalah seorang anggota polis yang menghadapi tindakan kes disiplin. Benar atau tidak saya tidak mahu mengambil tahu sangat sebab ianya tidak penting kepada saya ketika itu. Cuma saya dimaklumkan bahawa Papagomo hanya berpendidikan menengah dan terpaksa menyara hidup dengan berniaga di uptown menjual barangan tiruan.

Ketika itu Papagomo tidak seperti Papagomo yang sekarang yang bongkak dan penuh penipuan. Penipuan yang nyata ialah apabila saya minta dia menjelaskan tentang kandungan sms saya – sama ada ada disebut di dalam sms itu tentang hendak membawa dia ke Lembaga Disiplin parti atau tidak, dia gagal menjawab YA atau TIDAK. Dia tahu dia berbohong. Sebab itu saya mintakan pula dia tunjukkan sms itu kepada rakan-rakan twitter yang lain, itu pun dia tidak berani lakukan sebab pasti pembohongannya akan terbongkar.

Papagomo juga tidak beretika. Ketika dia menyerang saya menggunakan blog selepas PRK Kerdau, saya telah mengambil masa untuk menjelaskan pelbagai perkara melalui BBM. Saya fikir ia akan berakhir di BBM sahaja, tetapi sikap tidak beretika Papagomo amat ketara apabila dia bertindak memburuk-burukkan saya dan UMB melalui tambahan dua lagi posting di blognya.

Dalam kes terbaru, Papagomo merasa tidak puas hati apabila saya melaporkan tweetnya berkaitan Menteri Dalam Negeri dan KDN kepada Setiausaha Politik. Ini adalah rutin biasa seorang pagawai dan saya telah mencadangkan kepada Setiausaha Politik untuk menegur Papagomo melalui saluran parti, iaitu melalui Ketua UMNO Bahagian Wangsamaju memandangkan Papagomo adalah ahli Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Wangsamaju.

Dalam hal ini hanya empat pihak sahaja yang perlu tahu. Saya, Setiausaha Politik, Ketua UMNO Bahagian Wangsamaju dan Papagomo. Sama ada dia setuju atau tidak dengan teguran itu, respon terhadap teguran itu boleh dibuat melalui saluran yang sama tanpa perlu menghebahkannya kepada sesiapa. Tetapi, oleh kerana Papagomo ini tidak memahami kaedah parti, dia telah menjadikannya sesuatu isu yang besar menggunakan media online.

Soalan saya – Apakah Papagomo terlalu besar, lebih besar daripada Perdana Menteri sehingga tidak boleh ditegur secara politik? Bongkaknya seorang blogger dan ahli parti jika berfikiran sebegini.

Bagi saya Papagomo sudah terlalu bongkak dan merasakan dia sentiasa betul, tetapi penakut dan bacul.

Nasihat saya kepada Papagomo, jangan berlagak pondan. Masalah Papagomo hanyalah dengan saya. It’s between you and me. Jangan jadi bacul dengan menggunakan nama blogger-blogger lain, seolah-olah hendak bersembunyi di belakang mereka.

Selepas Kerdau dan PRN Sarawak telah timbul banyak prasangka di antara blogger dengan UMB disebabkan oleh perbuatan dan hasutan Papagomo. Saya terpaksa mengambil begitu banyak masa untuk memperbetulkan hubungan yang rosak akibat tohmahan Papagomo. Malah tuduhan bahawa blogger-blogger dilacurkan adalah penipuan kerana saya tidak pernah menggunakan nama sebarang blogger yang tidak mahu bersama UMB untuk memohon sebarang peruntukan.

Jika Papagomo berani, tidak perlu gunakan nama blogger lain, sebaliknya hanya berdepan dengan saya sendiri. Apa yang hendak ditakutkan?

Papagomo berjuang tanpa dibayar? Sangat kelakar bila dia mengatakan perkara ini.

Sukar sebenarnya hendak memberi tugasan kepada Papagomo semasa PRK kerana dia tidak boleh mematuhi disiplin tertentu. Misalnya, dia akan sibuk menghurungi VIP sebab jika dia pergi menghurungi VIP, dia tahu dia akan mendapat sesuatu daripada mereka. Fokus akan hilang sebab yang penting bukan psy-war PRK lagi tetapi coverage VIP tertentu.

Dalam PRN Sarawak, apa sahaja posting Papagomo? Paling kelakar semasa orang sibuk menyerang pembangkang dan mempertahankan BN, Papagomo khayal dangan kisah dia ditahan polis. Seolah-olah dia pula selebriti; mengalahkan PM dan menteri-menteri lain la pulak. Mujurlah ada video seks yang menyelamatkan dan mengangkat `martabat’ Papagomo. Dalam PRN Sarawak sebenarnya ada lebih ramai blogger yang benar-benar menghasilkan posting yang secara tepat menjawab isu dan menyerang pembangkang dengan jauh lebih baik berbanding Papagomo.

Papagomo tidak ada peruntukan semasa di Sarawak? Satu lagi cerita kelakar…

(Saya dah menulis sini tentang soal Papagomo dan bayaran, tetapi tidak mengapa saya simpan dulu untuk masa akan datang)

Bagus. Papagomo telah berjaya meningkatkan taraf hidup. Bersyukurlah sebab masih ramai blogger termasuk yang selalu mengikuti program UMB yang belum ada pendapatan tetap dan berdepan dengan pelbagai masalah kewangan. Mereka ini tidak mengecapi apa yang telah dinikmati oleh Papagomo hari ini, tetapi mereka tetap berjuang untuk parti tanpa perlu menyerang sesama sendiri di dalam parti.

Cukup-cukuplah menyalahkan UMB. UMB tidak ada masalah bekerja dalam serba kekurangan dan jika diberi penghakupayaan hanya semasa PRK dan PRN. Jika kita gagal semasa PRK dan PRN, UMB sebagai jentera parti akan memikul tanggung jawab itu. Tetapi jangan memfitnah UMB kononnya UMB mendapat begitu banyak peruntukan, sedangkan Papagomo sendiri menerima keistimewaan yang lebih banyak berbanding rakan-rakan tertentu di dalam UMB.

Nasihat saya, jika telah menerima peruntukan, tetapi masih gagal melaksanakan tugas dengan baik semasa Perhimpunan Haram Bersih, walaupun dilengkapi dengan peralatan yang begitu canggih, Papagomo kena jadi berani dan tampil ke depan untuk memikul tanggung jawab. Jangan yang baik-baik saja claim credit, peruntukan sudah diambil tetapi tidak berani menanggung kelemahan. Bila sudah gagal, memfitnah dan menunding jari ke arah UMB sedangkan UMB tidak menerima keistimewaan seperti yang Papagomo terima. Papagomo, anda blogger sepenuh masa dan berbayar, buatlah tugas sebaik-baiknya.

Alhamdulillah, walaupun tidak diberikan peruntukan seperti kumpulan tertentu, UMB telah berusaha melaksanakan tugas sebaik-baiknya. Latihan perang siber telah dilaksanakan secara berterusan agar lebih ramai pejuang siber di dalam parti dapat terlibat dalam kaedah yang lebih bersistematik dalam peperangan siber. Jika ada peruntukan, insya-Allah lebih cepat dan lebih banyak lagi program ini dibuat di seluruh negara. Jika tiada, tugas anggota UMB akan dijalankan seperti biasa.

Saya sudah cukup bersabar dengan kerenah Papagomo yang suka berbohong dan memfitnah. Jika berterusan saya terpaksa mendedahkan lebih banyak kebenaran. Saya masih mahu berpegang kepada etika dan kerahsiaan, tetapi Papagomo – cukup, cukuplah…..

* Ada yang minta saya letakkan gambar Papagomo seperti yang dilakukan oleh Papagomo dalam postingnya mengenai saya, supaya mereka boleh kenal siapakah Papagomo yang sebenar. Tapi tidak mengapalah, saya masih mahu berpegang kepada etika, biarlah Gomo dengan cara jalanannya.




I am appalled, but sadly not surprised by the evidence revealed in the video released today on the website, which suggests evidently the extent of malpractices and corruption linked to the Chief Minister. This video has gone viral on social media and the internet and the entire nation is now concerned that the revelations contained in the video must be addressed properly.

The video purportedly displayed two close family members of the Chief Minister speaking plainly on the methods by which they allegedly acquire land. Further, they also explain in vivid and convincing detail how they allegedly evade taxation on the acquisition of such land. Tellingly, they explain that “it has been done before”, making clear this is common practice that is losing Sarawak billions a year and explains Malaysia’s status as the world’s 3rd highest country for capital flight.

One of the family members referred to above explicitly says of the native customary land owners of Sarawak, “They are actually squatters on the land because the land doesn’t belong to them, it’s government land. So they’re squatting.” This candid statement, if true, is not only legally questionable but also morally despicable as she dismisses indigenous land rights and categorically generalises all indigenous folks as squatters living on state land.

The video further goes on to show lawyers who purportedly assist in the creating of instruments and mechanisms to effect such alleged malpractices.

This revelation is shocking in its candour and explicitness and on behalf of all right minded citizens of the state of Sarawak, I call upon the authorities to investigate this matter immediately especially when lawyers are shown to have revealed many practices that may have breached the laws of the country.

Most appropriately, the Chief Minister owes the state an explanation as he is being referred to in the video as the alleged main culprit behind these allegations of land grab, corruption, and tax evasion. If he chooses to remain silent, then he chooses to allow the public to make their own conclusions based on the evidences of a very candid video report released by Global Witness.

Chairman, PKR Sarawak


This morning in Kuala Lumpur, our Ketua Umum Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, officially announced at a press conference that the following PKR candidates for the following areas which will be contested by PKR in Sarawak are as follows:

P.201 Batang Lupar to be contested by Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh.
P.205 Saratok to be contested by YB Ali Biju.
P.216 Hulu Rajang to be contested by Abun Sui Anyit.
P.220 Baram to be contested by Roland Engan.
P.221 Limbang to be contested by YB Baru Bian.

Thank you.

Pengkhianatan Terhadap Kepercayaan Rakyat Oleh Ketua Menteri Sarawak Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud.



Merujuk kepada artikel yang dipaparkan di laman THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER dan GLOBAL WITNESS ( ) bertarikh 15 hb March 2013.

Kami rakyat Sarawak amat terkejut terhadap video pendedahan yang dilakukan oleh kedua-dua laman internet berikut. Isu yang sangat besar ini berkenaan dengan pengakuan secara langsung oleh beberapa individu yang dikenali sangat rapat dengan Ketua Menteri Sarawak Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Untuk makluman semua isu ini bukanlah satu isu yang baru bagi kami kerana sebelum ini pelbagai pendedahan juga telah dilakukan terhadap Skandal Salahguna Kuasa peringkat tertinggi Kerajaan Barisan Nasional Sarawak dan hero utamanya tidak lain dan tidak bukan ialah Ketua Menteri sendiri.

Namun kali ini perbezaannya ialah, Individu-individu yang terlibat dalam klip video ‘Pendedahan Tak Sengaja’ ini ialah dari kalangan ahli keluarganya sendiri yang kita tahu sangat rapat dengan Ketua Menteri Abdul Taib Mahmud iaitu Fatimah Binti Tun Abdul Rahman Yaacob, Norlia Binti Tun Abdul Rahman Yaacub iaitu anak kepada mantan Ketua Menteri Sarawak Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub. ( bapa saudara Abdul Taib Mahmud )

Individu lain yang dipaparkan didalam video ini adalah En Huang Lung Ong yang dipercayai mewakili Huang & Co. Advocates dan En Alvin Chong dari Alvin Chong & Partner Advocates. Mereka ini merupakan dikalangan peguam yang mewakili Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak.


Isu besar disini adalah pengakuan secara langsung oleh 4 individu yang sangat rapat dengan Ketua Menteri Abdul Taib Mahmud terhadap perancangan mereka untuk mengkaut keuntungan dengan menjual syarikat Ample Agro ( syarikat milik keluarga Tun Rahman Yaakub ) yang memiliki tanah berjumlah 200,000 hektar yang menurut mereka adalah hasil dari pemberian Ketua Menteri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Tanah yang dimaksudkan ini sedang dihuni oleh masyarakat pribumi Sarawak sejak berdekad lalu dan kini telah menjadi hak milik keluarga Abdul Taib melalui perancangan terperinci yang dilakukan oleh pegawai-pegawai kerajaan.

Video tersebut telah menghuraikan serta menjawab persoalan yang selama ini berlegar di minda rakyat iaitu :

  1. Bagaimana keluarga Taib Mahmud mampu memiliki harta kekayaan sebegitu banyak yang dianggarkan sebanyak RM65 billion sebelum ini. Adakah tanah ratusan ribu hektar ini ( dianggarkan sebesar 2 kali ganda Negara Hong Kong ) di Sarawak termasuk dalam jumlah tersebut.
  2. Bagaimana Datuk Abu Bekir Taib mampu memiliki kekayaan luar biasa seperti yang didedahkan didalam Mahkamah Syariah berikutan kes tuntutan cerai bekas isterinya Shahnaz.
  3. Bagaimana tanah adat dirampas melalui perancangan teliti yang dilakukan oleh penjawat awam demi untuk memuaskan hati Ketua Menteri Sarawak.

Video ini juga secara langsung telah meberitahu kita secara terperinci penglibatan agensi-agensi dibawah pentadbiran Kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang berkhidmat untuk memuaskan nafsu memperkayakan keluarga oleh Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Bagaimana rakusnya Ketua Menteri Sarawak mengkaut hasil bumi untuk memperkayakan diri dan kroni walhal pada masa yang sama membiarkan majority rakyat Sarawak hidup dalam serba kekurangan termasuk ketiadaan bekalan api dan air bersih disebahagian kawasan luar bandar sejak puluhan tahun dahulu..

Dikala rakyat Sarawak dibiarkan dalam serba kekurangan malah menjadi penerima bantuan E-Kasih tertinggi di Malaysia, mereka memonopoli ekonomi negeri seolah-olah hanya mereka saja yang berhak makan daging sementara rakyat biasa dibiarkan makan pasir.


Umum mengetahui bahawa banyak laporan Polis dan SPRM telah dibuat sejak tahun 2002 terhadap skandal salahguna kuasa Abdul Taib Mahmud dan barisan pimpinan Barisan Nasional Sarawak, namun sehingga sekarang tahun 2013 tiada pendakwaan yang dilakukan.

Adakah penguasa memerlukan sehingga 11 tahun untuk mengumpul bukti sebelum membuat pendakwaan terhadap pimpinan Barisan Nasional yang terlibat? Jika benar ketiadaan bukti maka kami harap dengan pendedahan beberapa individu tadi mampu membuahkan titik mula untuk SPRM dan POLIS memulakan siasatan.

Kelemahan penguasa menangani isu-isu begini telah menjatuhkan maruah Jabatan-jabatan yang terlibat. Mereka dilihat seolah-olah menjadi robot dan ‘remote control’nya berada ditangan Ketua Menteri Sarawak.


  1. Mendesak Abdul Taib Mahmud berundur dari jawatan yang beliau sandang dengan kadar segera untuk memberi laluan kepada siasatan pihak penguasa.
  2. Mendesak Peguam Negara untuk membekukan asset keluarga Abdul Taib Mahmud didalam Negara sehingga proses siasatan terhadap beliau selesai.
  3. Mendesak Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia dan Polis Diraja Malaysia mengambil tindakan yang difikirkan perlu untuk membuka kertas siasatan segera hasil pendedahan bukti terbaru ini keatas Abdul Taib Mahmud dan keluarganya.
  4. Memohon Satu Suruhanjaya Bebas untuk meneliti dan menyiasat pegawai-pegawai tinggi Jabatan Tanah Dan Survey Sarawak.
  5. Mendesak Abdul Taib Mahmud untuk mengambil tindakan saman terhadap individu yang terlibat jika beliau tidak bersalah.

Sekian. Terima kasih.

Kenyataan Bersama Oleh :

Sdr Ahmad Nazib Johari

Ketua Angkatan Muda Sarawak

Parti Keadilan Rakyat.


Sdr Nikson Abdillah

Timbalan Ketua Penerangan Sarawak

Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Jingga 13 Sarawak

Lahad Datu Statement from Pakatan Leadership



Any leader of any country must defend his nation’s sovereignty and the security of his people. 

Failing to do so is a grave betrayal of the people’s trust in its government. Therefore, Pakatan Rakyat urges the present national leadership to do that which is required of them, to defend our land and never to compromise the safety of each and every Malaysian, and the test of those principles is ongoing in and around Sabah’s Lahad Datu and Semporna with the escalating violence brought by armed foreigners. 

In Lahad Datu two of members of our security forces have lost their lives, while the latest acts in Semporna have claimed six of our men in uniform. We express our sincere condolences to these men’s families and may God bless them for they have given the highest sacrifice for a grateful nation.

Pakatan Rakyat calls on all Malaysians to show unreserved support to our security forces, both the police and military. And pray that they remain safe while defending our nation and its people from harm.

Pakatan realises the recent incidents in Sabah raise concern and fear, but we urge the public to remain calm and not to act rashly and hurt their fellow countrymen. 

The coalition takes this opportunity to restate its confidence in the capacity and capability of our security forces to protect our country’s sovereignty.

We are disappointed with the weak leadership show by the federal government whose responsibility is to keep Malaysia’s security intact.

While we are convinced that national security transcends political divides and all citizens must support the security forces’ efforts, it does not abrogate the federal leadership for its lax treatment of the whole affair.

This leadership has failed to pass accurate information quickly so that the public is aware of what is happening, an error which has caused rumour-mongering to be rife.

We understand that the government is investigating the leader of opposition to over the armed intrusions in Sabah. We would like to state categorically that Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim is in no way involved with the escalation of violence in Sabah nor the cause of it.

The Sabah intrusion is now into its fourth week (Day 23) — fourth day of hostilities — and the federal leadership appears not to have a clear plan to overcome the violation of our sovereign territory, or to stop any further intrusions. Instead Putrajaya is irresponsibly trying to avert the eyes of the people from its own role.

It is time the federal government realises its jobs is to defend and protect Malaysia, its people and the warriors on the frontline.

Pakatan urges for an immediate meeting between the leadership of our coalition and the prime minister, home minister and defence minister, followed by a special sitting of Parliament to discuss the intrusion.

We strongly demand Putrajaya stops finger-pointing at others especially Pakatan Rakyat and never to betray the trust of the Malaysian people.

DATO’ SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM                 Leader of the Opposition


PAS President


DAP Adviser






4 MAC 2013


Setiap pimpinan mana-mana negara sekalipun bertanggungjawab mempertahan kedaulatan wilayah negara, keselamatan rakyat dan anggota pasukan keselamatan.

Kegagalan mempertahankan kedaulatan negara dan keselamatan rakyat merupakan satu pengkhianatan serta menodai amanah rakyat. Justeru Pakatan Rakyat berhasrat mengingatkan pimpinan negara agar tegas mempertahankan kedaulatan wilayah negara dan tidak alpa memastikan keselamatan setiap rakyat Malaysia, terutamanya di Sabah ekoran dari insiden pencerobohan sekumpulan bersenjata warga asing di sekitar Lahad Datu serta Semporna. Setiap inci tanah Sabah dan keselamatan rakyatnya wajib dipertahankan.

Pencerobohan di Lahad Datu telah mengorbankan dua nyawa perwira negara manakala insiden terbaru di Semporna pula mengorbankan enam nyawa perwira negara. Kita merakamkan ucapan takziah buat keluarga mereka dan rakyat Sabah serta berdoa moga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat.

Pakatan Rakyat juga mengajak seluruh rakyat Malaysia untuk tetap teguh mendokong pasukan keselamatan, samada dari pihak polis atau tentera. Kita berdoa moga mereka kekal selamat serta bersemangat mempertahankan negara dan rakyat Malaysia dari ancaman penceroboh.

Pakatan Rakyat sedar keadaan mutakhir di Sabah sememangnya menimbulkan kebimbangan, akan tetapi kita menyeru agar orang ramai tetap bertenang dan tidak mengambil tindakan terburu-buru atau menyebarkan berita-berita fitnah yang boleh menimbulkan keresahan. Pakatan Rakyat ingin menyatakan dengan jelas keyakinan kita terhadap kecekapan dan kebolehan anggota pasukan keselamatan. Mereka pastinya dapat menjalankan tugas dengan profesional sekiranya diberi kebebasan bertindak tanpa sebarang campurtangan politik.

Sehingga kini, kita merasa kesal dan kecewa dengan sikap kepimpinan negara yang tidak mempamerkan kewibawaan dan iltizam dalam menyelesaikan masalah ini. Pimpinan negara juga gagal menyalurkan maklumat tepat, cepat dan telus serta memberikan penjelasan terhadap apa yang berlaku kepada umum sehingga menyebabkan khabar angin tersebar luas.

Pakatan Rakyat menggesa supaya isu ini tidak dijadikan arena tuduh-menuduh dan sewajarnya kepimpinan negara memberi tumpuan kepada isu keselamatan negara serta tidak mengalihkan pandangan rakyat dari kelemahan mereka. Sewajarnya mereka menyedari, keutamaan adalah demi mempertahankan kedaulatan negara, keselamatan rakyat dan perwira negara yang bertungkus lumus di perbatasan.

Pakatan Rakyat menuntut agar segera diadakan satu sidang khas Parlimen bagi membincangkan isu pencerobohan ini serta demi untuk mendapatkan gambaran sebenar insiden yang tercetus di Sabah. Kita juga berhasrat mengadakan satu persidangan meja bulat di antara pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat dengan pimpinan kerajaan dalam usaha untuk mencapai muafakat bersama berhubung isu ini.




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Don’t Harm Sultan’s Men, Nur Warns Malaysia


Don’t Harm Sultan’s Men, Nur Warns Malaysia

By Edd K. Usman
February 21, 2013, 8:03pm
MANILA, Philippines — Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) founding Chairman Nur Misuari yesterday appealed to Malaysia to settle the Sabah standoff peacefully and warned that his group will come to the aid of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s followers if blood spills.

“I hope they will not harm them. They (Kiram’s followers) are our brothers. If one drop of their blood is spilled, we might be forced to come to their aid,” Misuari said.

“Please don’t touch them, give them a friendly and brotherly treatment,” Misuari appealed.

Misuari was in Zamboanga City yesterday for the MNLF leadership meeting, which he said was attended by some 2,000 leaders from across Mindanao to discuss various issues facing the Bangsamoro people.

When he was in Jolo, Sulu, over the week, Misuari said that what he heard was that the group of the Crown Prince Rajah Muda Agbimuddin Kiram, younger brother of Kiram, crossed the sea to the island because they were allegedly promised to be settled in Sabah by Prime Minister Dato Seri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Addul Razak.

Misuari appealed to the prime minister to exercise prudence in dealing with the people of the sultan.

“This should be handled by cooler heads,” he said, adding it would also be good to await the coming election in April in Malaysia to see who will be the new prime minister.

Misuari also said the group of Rajah Muda could have gone to Sabah to show their impatient over their claim.

Meanwhile, an ally of Kiram appealed to the Malaysian government yesterday to extend a brotherly Islamic tolerance to the Moro group still holed up in Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Abraham Julpa Idjirani, secretary general of the sultanate and spokesperson of Kiram III, spoke with the Manila Bulletin Thursday.

On the news report about a Friday (today) deadline said to have been issued by Malaysia for the group to leave Sabah, he did not respond specifically about it.

Rather, he reiterated that the rajah muda and his followers will not pull out from their journey home to Sabah.

“I just spoke five minutes ago to the aide-de-camp of the crown prince and also with his son. They told me they are doing fine,” said Idjirani at about 2:05 p.m. Thursday.

As he acknowledged the tolerance shown by the government of Malaysia to the Moro group who sailed to Lahad Datu on February 11, in exercise of their proprietary rights over the oil-rich island.

“We want to thank Malaysia for being tolerant to the sultan’s people,” he said.

On the other hand, he appealed to Malaysia for more tolerance to the brother Muslims.

“We appeal to Malaysia to be more patient and prolong their Islamic tolerance to their fellow Muslims,” said Idjirani.

He said in Islam, forcing people to go hungry is un-Islamic, referring to the Malaysia security forces’ blockade of food supply for the rajah muda and his group.

It started Wednesday, he said.

Idjirani said depriving food to people is also a violation of human rights enshrined in the United Nations.

Kiram III sent his brother and their people to Sabah on what they described as a journey home, crossing the sea from Simunul in Tawi-Tawi.

He said they went there peacefully to stay and claim what is rightfully the Sultanate of Sulu’s ancestral domain.

Meanwhile, the Philippine military has deployed at least six ships and an aircraft near the border of the Philippines and Malaysia in what a Navy official describe as an operation to deescalate the tension in the Sabah standoff.

Lieutenant Commander Gregory Favic, spokesman of the Philippine Navy, said they have started conducting the border patrol on February 12, or right after the news of the standoff in Sabah broke out.


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