Nazrin: Tell me the truth no matter how bitter

KUALA KANGSAR: Sultan Nazrin Shah told the Dewan Negara Perak members today to convey to him the truth no matter how bitter it may be so that he can discharge his responsibility fairly and equitably.

“Do not tell me tales to send me into dreamland when the reality on the ground is something different from what has been related to me.

“Hopefully, the members of the Dewan Negara will help me with all sincerity and honesty so that I can discharge my responsibility fairly and equitably,” he said when chairing his first meeting of the Dewan Negara after ascending the throne at Istana Iskandariah here.

Nazrin recalled that his late father, Sultan Azlan Shah, when addressing the 150th meeting of the Dewan Negara in March 2012, had said that the institution of the monarchy would remain relevant so long as it had the respect of the people.

He said Azlan Shah, when receiving an honorary doctorate from Universiti Sains Malaysia as a judge in June 1980, had said that monarchies had fallen due to the wrong advice of palace advisers.

The late ruler had said that these advisers comprised those greedy for short-term gain for themselves and did not consider the interests of the people and country.

Nazrin said a ruler was defined by his wisdom as well as the justice and equality of his reign.

“A reign that that is wise and just will be blessed by God, the country will be prosperous and the ruler will be able to protect the people so that they can live in peace and harmony,” he said. – Bernama


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