One vote for Khalid is one vote for Umno

Hornbill Unleashed

IMG-20140814-WA005Sherilyn Goh

At the height of the menteri besar crisis, Selangor Umno chairperson Noh Omar, being the opportunist that he is, has so excitedly jumped on the bandwagon of condemning PKR by claiming to have known of Khalid’s wrongdoings all along.

Ironically, just after his master subsequently issued commands for all of Umno’s assemblypersons to throw their unconditional support behind Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should a vote of no-confidence against the now independent MB be called for in the state legislative assembly, Noh Omar deferentially obliged, of course.

Same goes for their MCA colleagues who are ready to call for a press conference to censure PKR and Pakatan for Khalid’s wrongdoings on the very same day the commands were issued. They have no choice but to relent on an opportunity to score political brownie points. Poor MCA somehow has to remain irrelevant and bow down to their political masters as…

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